This site was made in order to offer you information on the surgical interventions and the procedures that our clinic offers you, but also to help you be well informed if you wish to appeal to aesthetic surgery. The final decision is the result of documenting and of the individual discussions with the doctors in our clinic during the consultations.
The patient must understand that the result of each surgical intervention depends on the surgery indications, the surgeon's experience, the technique and the equipments used, but also on how much the patient respects each pre-surgery and post-surgery indication. The final outcome depends a great deal on the individual particularities.

We believe that the patient-doctor relationship is essential to the correct understanding of surgical interventions and to acquiring the desired results. We are a team of professionals which you can easily reach up to and communicate with ease.

We are here for you. The specific procedures of aesthetic and plastic surgery are specially adapted to each patient in the Medical Stil Estet clinic. The people who contact us become aware of that.

Many people came into our clinic and just as many friends left it. We have built our reputation on this very principle.


Marcella. I did not consider
aesthetic surgery as being an
option, but the operation you
performed has opened new
horizons for me.

Elena. I am very pleased with
the natural look my breasts
have, following your implant..

Andrei. I am the best! I look
like a model!

Anca. The operation you
performed has changed my life.
Now I have more confidence in
myself and I thank you from the

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* Chirurgie Estetica
* Chirurgie Plastica
* Augmentare Mamara - marire mani
* Augmentare Mamara - marire/implant sani
* Micsorare Sani
* Mastopexie - ridicare sani (lifting sani)
* Lipoaspiratie (Liposculptura)
* Abdominoplastie
* Marire Buze
* Otoplastie - chirurgia estetica a urechilor
* Rinoplastie sau rinocorectie - chirurgia estetica a nasului
* Lifting facial
* Aestetic Surgery
* Plastic Surgery
* Mammary augmentation - increase/implants breast
* Breast decrease (reduction mammoplasty)
* Mastopexy (breast lifting)
* Lipo-suction (lipo-sculpture)
* Labioplasty (esthetic correction of the feminine genital organs)
* Abdominoplasty
* Lip increase
* Otoplasty (ear esthetic surgery)
* Rinoplasty (nose aesthetic surgery)
* Facial lifting