General information

       Your first contact with us is the examination, which is made following a phone appointment made a few days before the desired date and which will also be confirmed bu phone on the day of the appointment.

       The indications for treatment are adapted for each case, abiding by the standard therapeutic principles, pursuing always to obtain a high quality of the surgical procedure, without giving up on the morals and the honesty of the medical act.
       The examination consists of explaining all the medical-surgical techniques possible in your case, along with their advantages and disadvantages. A decision will be taken conjunctly as to which is the best solution for obtaining the desired result in the shortest time. Also, we will establish which type of anesthesia is right for you and for the chosen intervention: the anesthesia may be local (you will remain awake during the intervention, and the operated area will remain painless for several hours) or total (during the operation, the patient will be asleep).

       During the examination you will be explained all the necessary tests in order to perform the surgical intervention, along with the surgery date (conjunctly determined).

       We are the supporters of the one day surgery, which is why our patients remain in-patients for 24 hours (under constant medical supervision) if the operation is made with total anesthesia or for just a few hours if local anesthesia is used.

       The administration of medications which influence the blood coagulation (aspirin, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, heparin, Trombostop, contraceptives) may modify the quality of the surgical intervention through the complications it may generate (bleeding), which is why it will be interrupted according to the doctor's advice. This is valid for any type of surgical intervention. The consumption of food and drinks will be interrupted al least 6 hours before the surgery. The doctor must be informed regarding the existence of other chronic or acute diseases: diabetes, tuberculosis, AIDS, cardiac diseases, high blood pressure, hematological diseases, allergies to various medications, shingles, etc.

       After the surgery, the patients will undergo regular examinations, conjunctly settled, for a period of time determined by the type of surgery.

       In order to enjoy the final results, the patients have the obligation to respect the post-surgery indications given by the doctors, particular for each case.

       The costs for each intervention are determined during the examination, according to the particulars of each case.

       In order to avoid obtaining false or incomplete information, taken from unauthorized, malevolent or ignorant people, we advise you to contact us at our clinic and you will receive all the correct information during the examination.

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