Lip increase

The look of the lips can be noticed from the first sight, making it an essential beauty element, both for men and women.

No matter if lipstick or lip contour tattoo is used or not, the lips can gain the best look by using substances inserted in the lips, correcting their contour and volume.

It is already proven that the best results are achieved by using fillings with hyaluronic acid, which can ensure the best results for up to 8-12 months. We donot recommend using other substances (some of them considered as being definitive), due to the high percent of complications described in the specialty books.
Associating the lip remodeling with methods of correcting (filling) of the nasolabial and perioral grooves and wrinkles, ensures a rejuvenated esthetic look of the entire face.

  • Thin lips, without volume and with undefined contour;
  • Lips with perioral wrinkles;
  • Lips who's look is not in concordance with the rest of the face;
  • Lip asymmetry.

The method:
  • The injection is made under local anesthesia;
  • The substances to be injected are chosen by the medic after consulting the patient;
  • Hospitalization is not necessary.

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