Rinoplasty (nose aesthetic surgery)

Its purpose is improving the aesthetic look of the nose and correcting some congenital or posttraumatic deficiencies.

  • Crooked noses;
  • Nose tips too wide or big;
  • Nose tips tilted towards the mouth;
  • Nasal deficiencies associated with septal deviation.

The general section is added to the above information.
During the consultation, you will be informed regarding the obligatory tests to be undertaken (blood, EKG, pulmonary X-ray, nose pyramid X-ray), the surgical technique and the post-op recuperatory period.

Rinoplasty is to be avoided during cold winter periods.

The method:
  • Rinoplasty is made after the age of 17-18 (when the nose is fully developed) and needs an analysis of the real possibilities of improving the aesthetic look;
  • Repeated surgical interventions are a possibility, in order to reach the desired final result (if the nasal deformations are big and need complex reconstruction);
  • The surgical intervention is made under general anesthesia;
  • The surgery lasts for about 2 hours, requiring hospitalization within the clinic of 1-2 days;
  • There ate 2 surgical methods: the closed and the open one, depending on the deficiencies to be corrected;
  • For about 24 hours post-op, the nostrils are covered with bandages;
  • Post-op, edema and ecchymosis are visible for several days;
  • The stitches are removed after 10-12 days, during which time, compressive bandages will be applied;
  • Wearing eye-glasses or sun glasses is to be avoided p to 2-3 weeks after the intervention;
  • The final aesthetic results can be appreciated up to 3-6 months after the intervention.

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