Facial lifting

Facial lifting is a method often used for correcting the aging ("lax") look of the face.


  • Women and men aged over 40;
  • Improving the aesthetic look of the face, through rejuvenation and embellishment;
  • Can be associated with eye-lids lifting, or with other methods of rejuvenating the face.

The general section is added to the above information.
During the consultation, you will be informed regarding the obligatory tests to be undertaken (blood, EKG, pulmonary X-ray), the surgical technique and the post-op recuperatory period.

Risks and complications:

  • The specific complications for the general anesthesia;
  • Hematoma, infections;
  • Keloid scars (which do not depend on the surgical technique, but on the body's healing capacity) - can be treated through specific methods.

The method:

  • The surgery being complex, it lasts for about 3-4 hours and general anesthesia is used; there are cases in which local anesthesia can be used, associated with anesthetic sedation;
  • Hospitalization within the clinic of 1-2 days;
  • The post-op examinations are established with the patient approval, but are obligatory;
  • The mobilization of the patient is made immediately, post-op;
  • The stitches are removed after 14 days;
  • Right after the surgery, there may appear ecchymosis (bruises) and edema on the face, which will gradually disappear;
  • The patient can return to his/her daily normal activities after a few days after the surgery;
  • A slight facial tegument anesthesia may last for a few weeks;
  • It is necessary to wear a special elastic mask for 2 weeks after the surgery.

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