Aesthetic Surgery

  • Breast surgery (increase by implants, lifts, reductions, the correction of the areole and the mamelon);
  • Body shape remodeling by lipo-suction - liposculpture (abdomen, thigh, knees, arms, legs, chin);
  • Abdomen esthetic and reparatory surgery;
  • Face rejuvenation by facial lifting, eye-lids remodeling, chemical peeling;
  • Thigh and buttocks lifting;
  • Wrinkle treatment with the botulinic toxin (Dysport) or with filling substances;
  • Nose, chin, ears and lips remodeling;
  • Surgical removal of tattoos;
  • The correction of unaesthetic scars and post-traumatic and acne sequelae;
  • Gynecomastia treatment;
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery of the external genital organs (female and male).

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