Lipo-suction (lipo-sculpture)

It is a surgical method of modeling the body shape, eliminating in the same time the in-esthetic adipose accumulations, which cannot be removed by gymnastics, diet, etc.


  • Adipose accumulations on the thighs, buttocks, hips, knees, abdomen, arms, goiter.

The general section is added to the above information.
During the consultation you will be informed regarding the obligatory tests you must take (blood, EKG, pulmonary X-ray, mammography/mammary ecography), the surgical method and the post-op recovery period.

Risks and complications (very rare):
  • The specific complications of total anesthesia;
  • Haematoma, seromes;
  • Shape irregularities.

The method:
  • The surgery is made under total or local anesthesia and lasts for 1-3 hours, depending on the number of areas and the quantity of adipose substance extracted;
  • The hospitalization period is one day;
  • The surgical intervention uses special needles which penetrate the skin through very small incisions (3-4 mm), which do not leave any in-esthetic scars, and through which the adipose substance is extracted;
  • After the surgery is ended, the treated areas are covered with compressive bandage, using a corset or a special pair of elastic pants;
  • It's possible that during the first 2 days, the bandages to be drenched in serosanguinolent, which must not worry the patient, this being a normal reaction;
  • Post-op, during the first 4 weeks, the elastic garments (corset or special pants) must be worn, this playing a very important part in gaining the final shape;
  • The post-op ecchymosis last on an average scale from 1-2 weeks, after which they gradually disappear;
  • The final result can be appreciated only after a minimum of 45 days after the intervention.

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