Abdominplasty is a surgical intervention for both men and women, through which the excess of skin and fat from the inferior abdomen. Through surgery, imperfections in the abdominal wall (following multiple pregnancies, caesarians, hernia, eventrations) can be solved by using modern techniques of repairing the muscularity and fastening is through nets especially conceived for this purpose.


  • Excess of skin and/or fat;
  • Obesity (the intervention can be made after finishing the diets, not before them);
  • Can be associated with repairing the abdominal wall, flabby due to other reasons.

The general section is added to the above information.

During the consultation you will be informed regarding the obligatory tests (blood, EKG, pulmonary X-ray), the surgical technique and the post-op recuperation period.

Risks and complications:

  • Specific complications of general anesthesia;
  • Hematoma, infections;
  • Embolism
  • Keloid scars (which do not depend on the surgical method, but on the body's healing capacity).

The method:

  • The surgery being complex, it is done with general anesthesia and lasts 3-4 hours;
  • The surgery eliminates the surplus of skin and fat from the inferior abdominal region, obtaining a normal esthetic look, the patient being able to easily perform physical exercise;
  • Hospitalization within the clinic of 1-2 days;
  • Bilateral drainage tubes which are removed after a few days (depending on the necessity)
  • The patient's mobilization can be made right after the surgery;
  • Suture stitches are removed after 14 days;
  • Post-op, a special elastic corset will be worn for 1-2 months;
  • For keeping the results for a long time, it is very important to follow a diet recommended by a nutritionist and to practice a sport.

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